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Sanitizing & Cleaning

Commercial Real Estate, Offices, Hotels, Event Spaces, K-12 Schools and Universities, and Government Facilities

Cleaning and disinfecting of vacated space(s)

Window Washing

Floor Cleaning

Surface Cleaning / Disinfecting

HEPA Approved Vacuuming

Equipment Cleaning / Disinfecting

Elevators Cab Cleaning / Disinfecting

Exterior Pressure Washing

Roof, Gutter and Drain Cleaning

Rubbish Removal

Removal & discarding of unwanted items.

Material Recycling

Move–out and item/furniture removal of vacated spaces. 

Other Services

Leak & Spill Cleanup


Thorough cleaning of work spaces

Cleaning office equipment such as copy machines, shredders, printers, keyboards, phones

Restroom cleaning and sanitization

Thorough break room cleaning

Vacuuming carpets

Sweeping and mopping of floors

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